We met up with Ashleigh Bialic, a talented makeup artist and hair stylist based on the Gold Coast before our launch photoshoot. We asked Ashleigh for her professional makeup advice. So if you want to make sure your make-up is AMAZING for your event read on for lots of DOs and DON’Ts as part of our ‘Getting Event Ready’ series.

About Ashleigh Bialic

Ashleigh’s career in make-up began over twelve years ago, but her love for makeup started long before that! Her Auntie introduced her to the world of makeup. She says she can still picture herself standing at her dresser and being in awe of all the colour inside her makeup drawer…

Fast forward to today and she is very happy that she can play with makeup as her job! She says she absolutely loves handing someone a mirror and seeing their face light up at what they see. Enhancing their natural features and making you the ‘best’ version of yourself is her goal.

Here are some of Ashleigh’s top tips for makeup for your special event, whether that is a wedding, party or any other kind of celebration.

Before your event…

DO choose a make-up artist you like

You’ll be spending a lot of time with your makeup artist so it’ll make your event that bit more enjoyable if you like the person that’s making you look beautiful. You want someone that you trust and that you know will deliver, and who won’t be giving off bad vibes if things get hectic.

DO your make-up research

Before the event, you’ll probably want to do some research on what you’d like for the special day/night. Ashleigh says that for weddings brides generally go for the natural look and that her job is to make them the best version of themselves. On your wedding day you just want to be yourself, whereas for parties and night time events she sees much more glitter/glam/insta-worthy/contour requests.

DON’T skimp

Sometimes you get what you pay for and if you are planning a special event like your wedding or a milestone birthday, you’ll want the best. Events can be expensive but it’s important to pick what you need to save on. Your photos will stay with you forever so by investing in a good makeup artist you’ll be making sure you look fabulous in those pics when you look back at them in years to come.

DO provide imagery as inspiration for your makeup artist

When looking at images for inspiration, it’s a good idea to choose images with people in the same age range as you and with similar colouring of skin and hair because it’ll make it more likely that your makeup artist can recreate the look that you are going for.

DON’T do things last minute

Ashleigh says don’t have things like waxing/threading/tinting done the day before or on the day of your event as you don’t want to be puffy and red on the day.

DO prepare your canvas

Think of your makeup as paint on a canvas – when you’re painting, you need a decent canvas to paint on. For that reason do all that you can to get your skin in good shape before your event by looking after and keeping your skin hydrated. Your makeup is only going to look as good as the skin you are putting it on.

DO get a trial

Take the time to have at least one trial with your chosen makeup artist and make sure that the trial is at the same time of day or night of your event. The trial should be a test of the makeup itself, not the artist, as hopefully you’ll know their style already. Before the trial, Ashleigh always asks to see a picture of the dress too, so she can match the make-up to the style you are going for.

On the day of your event/during the event

DO allow plenty of time

Ashleigh recommends 45 mins to 1 hour for each person to have their make-up done. She says to consider that there’s a lot of other things also going on during event day preparations (especially for weddings), so try to factor in interruptions or delays.

DO choose your makeup application location carefully

Plan to set your makeup artist up in the best spot in the house/location. Sometimes clients suggest the bathroom or dark spots, whereas the place with the best natural light is ideal.  Basically, make sure your make-up artist has the best light possible by setting them up in the brightest place available.

DO consider makeup during the event

Most people only factor in their makeup application prior to the event. If your budget allows it, think about having your makeup artist throughout the event, as your makeup can leave a lasting impression. In an ideal world, if your makeup artist can be on hand before pictures they can sort out any imperfections so they don’t ruin any pictures. Ashleigh suggests blotting paper and blotting powder as must-have accessories during the day. Both are designed to soak up the oil rather than set the make-up and they work wonders in maintaining a look.

DON’T wear ‘some’ SPFs 

There’s an ingredient in some SPFs that when mixed with some foundations can cause that ghostface flashback. If your event is during the day, it’s less likely your photographer will be using a flash so this pointer is more relevant for events where photographers will be using a flash.

We hope that you find these DOs and DON’Ts helpful. We loved meeting Ashleigh and getting our makeup done.  She knows her stuff and we hope to work with her again sometime soon.

Ashleigh services Brisbane to Byron Bay and you can follow Ashleigh on Instagram at @ashleighbialic and her Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/ashleighbialicmakeupandhair  and you can also view Ashleigh’s profile on The One List or visit her website at www.ashleighbialic.com.au (also www.ashleighbialicbridal.com).


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